8 Marketing Tips to Prep Your Biz for ASTRONOMICAL 2021 Sales - Personalization in Marketing Is More Than an Email Subject Line

Let's Personalize Your Business! 

People intuitively have the need to personalize everything about their lives. Whether it be changing the color and cut of their hair, switching out their car rims, getting tattoos, getting their initials engraved in a coffee mug, or embroidered onto pretty much anything.  

I think you get the point. 

Every single day, people are constantly trying to personalize everything in their lives. 

But personalization doesn't just stop with the customer. 

In fact, personalization in marketing can be a key component to increasing sales and simply getting more people interested in your brand or business. 

Personalization in marketing isn't just putting a customer's name in the subject line of an email. We mean, tailoring your marketing based on data you have collected from clients and customers. 

What is Personalized Marketing?

Personalized marketing is one of the ultimate and truest forms of targeted marketing. Target marketing is essentially identifying an audience likely to buy your products or services and promoting directly to them. 

Correct targeting saves time and money and offers your business the opportunity to help the people that need your product or services the most. 

Target marketing delivers on efficiency and sales but sometimes misses the mark on connecting in a meaningful manner for future sales and relationship building.  

On the other hand, personalized marketing allows for relationship building but with a more automated approach that allows for the collection of specific and targeted data. 

That specific and targeted data is then used to segment your customers, which allows for the personalization of SMS Messages, emails, discounts, coupons, shopping experiences and so much more! 

Even putting a name in the subject line of an email increases the open rate by 29%! The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing your marketing. 

The majority of businesses and brands which aren't personalizing their marketing are losing out on increased sales and excellent ROI. 

Is Personalized Marketing Right for My Business or Brand?

Personalized marketing is nothing without the data from eCommerce quizzes, email lists, and other means of collecting data about your customers. 

An important note about data collection. Always ensure the means of collecting your data does not bother or unnecessarily hassle your prospects and customers. 

Taking the time to collect data correctly is the first step and the key to success when it comes to your business experiencing the benefits from personalized marketing. 

The Many Benefits to Personalizing Marketing

The abundance of benefits realized by taking the time and money to invest in personalizing marketing doesn't end with growing sales and obtaining excellent ROI. 

Customer Loyalty is another enormous benefit to personalizing marketing. When you personalize an experience for a customer, it leaves them feeling taken care of and heard. 

Personaliztion makes marketing feel less like an ad that is trying to get consumers to buy something. 

Personalizing your marketing allows for a valuable relationship to form between your customer and your brand. Personalization allows for your customer to then think of your business when they are in need and know you will be there for them. 

Further, word of mouth advertising isn't dead and still allows for good and bad customer experiences to be spread. Personalizing marketing allows for a great customer experience so that worry fades away. Forty percent of consumers actually say they are more likely to become repeat and life customers if that business or brand offers a personalized experience. 

Next Steps?

If your business or brand hasn't already started personalizing marketing, this is the perfect time of year to make a New Years' resolution to start! 

People don't mind giving a little extra information about themselves to get that personal experience in return, but be careful in the way you approach it. 

The last few weeks we have worked hard to give you the tools to get your organizaiton the success you desire and deserve. 

The time to act is now. 

Shane Shirley Media is are here and ready to help.

Reach out to us to find out if our FREE marketing audit, valued at $2500, is right for you!

Guest Post: Reece Smith

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