8 Marketing Tips to Prep Your Biz for ASTRONOMICAL 2021 Sales- Let Data Drive Your Creative

Are you tired of wasting time, money, and energy on marketing?

Is This THE Secret Weapon to Success in Marketing? 

After today, there are just three more Wednesdays left in our end-of-the-year series on "8 Marketing Tips to Prep Your Biz for Astronomical 2021 Sales". We are coming close to the end of our blog series but also 2020! 

With that being said, it is time to kick your marketing into full gear by taking advantage of this week's tip. This tip is quite possibly THE secret weapon to success in marketing! 

When you let data drive you're creative, you won't be wasting money, time, and energy on consumers who simply have no need or interest in what you have to offer. 

What is Data-Driven Creative Marketing? 

Data-driven creative marketing is when data, that has been acquired through various customer interactions, is used to personalize and target exactly who a business or brand wants to reach. 

Let Data Drive Your Creative

Data-driven marketing definitely sounds a lot scarier than it really is. 

We get it!

We understand that not everyone is a genius with numbers, has an unlimited budget and access to the technologies one might think they need to let data drive their marketing.

But what you might realize, especially if you have been following our end-of-year-blog series, is that there are a few ways to start doing this yourself that won't break the bank!

How Can You Let Data Drive Your Creative on a Budget?

The thing is, when it comes to data, there are an infinite amount of data points. With the help of the right people and tools, you can really just about collect data on anything. This becomes a huge advantage when trying to find ways to really get your customer's attention. 

How many clicks are your ads actually getting?

We previously mentioned that ads, for example, are not effective at increasing sales if they are not reaching the correct people. This happens because data is not being used correctly. Advertising by "seeing what sticks" is a waste of money. 

If you are not already utilizing Google Analytics, this is one excellent and FREE way to effectively drive your creative utilizing data. Installing your Facebook pixel is also a way to get data to drive your creative via data.  

Many platforms these days can serve a specific ad to people driven by precise and personal data sets which are incredibly helpful. 

Using free and inexpensive tools that we've already mentioned such as quizzes, SMS, and personalization the possibilities for data driven marketing are exciting and seemingly endless. 

These tools allow for an influx of data points you might have never been able to gain access to just a few years ago. 

Are You Letting Data Drive Your Creative?

I mentioned that the data that is being collected is a huge advantage, and don't get me wrong it really is. But the real advantage comes from what is done with that data. 

According to a report by Global-Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising, 79.6% of respondents say that data is crucial to their marketing and advertising efforts. 

But are marketers today using their data to effectively drive their creative? 

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Guest Post by Reece Smith, EVP Shane Shirley Media 

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