Mobile Optimization Is a Necessity for Your Business To Survive and Thrive in 2021. Here's How to Do It Right

Goodbye 2020, Right?

It's now 2021 and 2020 is officially behind us, right? 

We've all seen the inspirational memes, videos, and gifs suggesting someone or some business can just completely start over on January 1st, right?

More like try again, as much as we love everyone's enthusiasm in trying to leave 2020 in the past and as of last week just starting over fresh. It really isn't all that realistic to just leave everything from 2020 in the past. 

There are important lessons to be learned. 

Lessons Learned

Last year individuals, families, small businesses, and just so many people faced the most adversity they might ever have before. Trust us, our team can relate to the feeling of the world feeling as if it is crashing down around us. 

But perhaps when looking at our business and those around us, our main focus is not leaving 2020 in the past, but really learning and growing from it. 

The one important thing we learned is that you CANNOT really on just one form of marketing.

We all knew this. But we have found, that many of our clients did not practice what they preached. 

Some had only a Facebook page and no website. 

Others suffered on Google because they did not prioritize SEO so their brand was lacking at just the moment when an entire country and world of newly homebound prospects were searching only online for products and services. 

Now, we aren't here to give you the same schpeal time after time about how important the Internet is right now, as we are hoping that everyone knows by now and has read our end of the year blog post series and got informed! 

But in all seriousness, everybody knows that right now their online presence is the key to success but we still feel as if MANY marketers are not taking proper action. 

The time to act is now people!

Take an Easy First Step Toward Making More Money in 2021!

Would you believe us if we told you that virtually no one visits your business or brand's website on a computer anymore? 

Well, that statement isn't exactly true yet, but there are statistics that are showing us why it is so important to pay attention to your mobile optimization! 

Mobile Optimization Is a Necessity for Your Business To Survive and Thrive in 2021. Here's How to Do It Right

We are confident if you take a look at your analytics, you will see your mobile numbers going up. 

In fact, at the end of 2020, half of all website traffic globally, was and is still currently, generated by mobile devices and tablets. 

Now knowing this helpful little statistic, is your business or brand's website up to the standards of your competitors? 

Have you ever taken the time to look at your competitors mobile, or furthermore ever taken the time to compare them to yours? 

Do you know if your website is mobile-friendly and even being picked up by Google and being shown in search results? 

These are all questions you should be asking yourself and your marketing team as we enter the digital year 2021. 

How Can I Improve My Mobile Optimization?

Let's back up for a second and give you a little history lesson on mobile optimization. 

When smartphones with Internet access first came out, a recurring issue was experienced by users. Many early adapters experienced not being able to visit and use websites to their full capabilities.

what is mobile optimization how can i do it right

That was until mobile optimization came along and made it possible to have the best of both worlds: a website that is functional on laptop AND other devices including mobile. 

Mobile Optimization is defined as the process of adjusting your websites content to ensure that visitors of the site are able to have an experience customized to their device. 

This Old Mobile News Needs YOUR Marketing Team's Attention

Now as we've mentioned, and we're hoping, this is old news to you. 

There are a few options when it comes to preparing your business or brand for whats to come this year by taking a look at you mobile optimization. 

In our opinion, the easiest way to conquer this is to have a marketing agency like ours perform a digital marketing audit valued at $2500. 

Our audit is not only at no-cost to you and performed by our team that works with American Express, LPGA, COX Media and others, but our team does a very in-depth, customized audit that not only will show you where your mobile optimization needs work, but also highlight how you can improve upon your entire digital footprint to increase sales. 

From there, you are able to decide what is most important to your success in 2021 and we can help you achieve your goals. 

And congratulations to you and your team on making it to 2021. Now isn't the time to let up. We are here to help. 

Reach out to Shane Shirley Media today and click the button for a FREE digital marketing audit. 

Guest post by Reece Smith, EVP Shane Shirley Media 

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