10 SEO Tips to Improve Online Presence and Increase Sales: Part Two


10 Helpful Tips Every Successful Business Needs To Grow an Online Presence, Gain Website Visitors, and Increase Sales

We hope you have already started working on the first five simple SEO tips we shared in a post last week!

Hopefully, you understand the growing importance of having an impeccable digital marketing strategy in place. 

Having a great digital strategy will help to do many things for your business. But these 10 specific tips will directly help boost your online presence, increase website traffic, and ultimately increase sales. 

10 SEO Tips 

1. Exploit Google My Business

2. Improve Websites Loading Speed

3. Take Advantage of The Power of Blogging

4. Create Content and Post to Relevant Social Media Platforms

5. Post Valuable and Easy to Read Content 

6.  Utilize a Local SEO Program 

Deciding to invest in help with handling SEO is an important decision that has the potential to improve your site and overall online presence. A great way to start investing in your SEO is with a local SEO program like ours. 

A typical local SEO program helps your business get found online when someone near searches for your business location. But our question to our readers is, do you want to stop there? 

Our proprietary software is designed to help businesses get found everywhere they want to be. This is done by our team creating web pages that geotarget your specific locations in order to be indexed by Google. Simply, without lifting a finger, your business shows up in the areas you need to be when people are searching for services you offer. 

7. Having a Reviews System Provides a Unique Advantage 

We have seen numerous businesses large and small find the spend for a reviews system and benefit more than they could've imagined. Setting up a reviews system and benefiting from it is easy with software like ours. 

Our proprietary reviews system software is designed to get positive reviews honestly and efficiently in order for Google to index them. 

Having a system like ours in places is crucial because a business's online influence determines its search ranking, Google Ads performance, overall website traffic, and visitor experience. 

8. Revamp User Mobile Website Experience 

According to Google themselves, mobile-first indexing is a huge way to guarantee SEO greatness. Mobile-first indexing is essentially Google saying that they see your website's mobile optimization as an incredibly important ranking factor. 

We said it last week and we'll put an even bigger emphasis on it this week, user experience is key to ranking first. In fact, since March of 2021 Google has completely removed desktop-only sites from Google indexing altogether. 

A great way to avoid being pushed to the bottom by Google is to perform a full audit of your website to ensure it is all working for your business, not against it. 

9. Consider Removing Old Content 

It is important to understand that not every single piece of content a business posts is a hit. Sometimes, a blog post, image, or infographic just might not give you the results you were hoping for. 

According to Hubspot's SEO experts, pruning content after long periods of growth can yield results because ultimately low-quality content isn't adding any value to a website. 

We agree with their suggestion that whenever it comes to making changes that affect SEO, always perform an audit first. That way, a business can eliminate any pages that aren't giving them an increase in web traffic or conversions and correctly unpublish them. 

10. Growing Your Business Starts With Knowing Who You Are and Where You're Going 

At the end of the day, we're in the business of building businesses because we like to see people reach their dreams and goals and stop worrying! 

With these ten tips and the numerous blog posts over the years, it's important to have a spot where it all comes together. 

We suggest having a main dashboard like ours, in order to track your website and product growth and see where you're investments are paying off. 

In 2020, our team helped a Urologist client hit 1 million website visitors. And the client watched it happen with the great dashboard our team provided full of helpful and important analytics. 

SEO Success Is a Work in Progress, Here Is How To Keep Up

Now that your business has all ten of our top suggestions and tips to grow an online presence and increase website traffic, it's up to you to keep progress moving forward. 

SEO is constantly changing and it can be a daunting task to keep up with it and make sure your business is staying relevant online and ultimately bringing in new clients and retaining current customers. 

These ten tips are a great starting point but in order to get the true value, we would love to personally help your business where you need it most. 

We are in the business of building businesses and never want to see a business hurt due to a lack of digital marketing. But it is important to remember as SEO is constantly changing, what worked for your business one year ago, might not be working now. 

Reach out to us today for help. Contact us and ask to talk to our president personally and figure out where your marketing budget can best help your business increase sales. 

Guest Post by Reece Smith 

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