10 SEO Tips To Improve Online Presence and Increase Sales: Part One


10 Simple Tips To Boost Your Online Presence, Gain Website Traffic, and Increase Sales

At Shane Shirley Media, we like to think of every website visitor as a new customer walking into your storefront. So our question to you as a business owner is, are you maximizing online visitors in order to gain customers?

For those who may not know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of your website's traffic. This is done through various strategies such as the ten we will begin to go over in a moment. 

Having an online presence has become a necessity for businesses in today's economy. At the same time, mastering SEO has become more and more daunting. 

We aren't saying this to scare you. But you need to be aware of the constant need to manage, change, and update strategies when it comes to SEO. 

To help give your business a boost online and bring in more website visitors, we have put together ten of our top suggestions that should be a pretty simple way to get started. 

1. Exploit Google My Business's Capabilities 

You may or may not have heard of Google My Business (GMB) before, but if you've ever Googled a local business, you've definitely seen its power. GMB is a feature offered by Google to help businesses have an online listing for their business.

You can think of it as an improved version of the Yellow Pages with interactive power. 

GMB allows your business to share helpful information with your potential customers such as contact information, location, hours, reviews, bookings, covid-19 updates, and the list goes on. 

They also allow businesses to post updates with links back to their website and photos full of metadata.  

GMB is really helpful in getting your content and copy in front of so many potential customers. 

2. Take a Look at Your Website's Page Loading Speed

When it comes to SEO, something that many people don't realize matters immensely is page load time or how long it takes pages on your website to load. 

No, it's not just your WiFi, in fact, according to an article by Neil Patel, 40% of people say that they will abandon a website after 3 seconds of waiting for it to load. 

Of course, user experience is a massive part of increasing traffic, but getting your page speed in check has been a ranking factor since 2010 so we wonder why it is still an issue. 

According to Huckabuy, next month Google is supposed to roll out another set of page ranking factors

The time to check your page loading and check your website for anything that could hurt your website traffic is now. 

3. Blogging is The Most Underrated SEO Tool

Blogging is such a great tool for your business in so many ways. In SEO it is important to always post fresh, new, and valuable content regarding your specialty. Blogging drives people to your website. 

Now we understand that blogging is time-consuming and tedious which is why we suggest using a blogging and social posting tool like we offer to automate the processes for you. That way you can get up to five posts a day of relevant useful content and post to your social media channels while boosting your SEO at the same time.

Right now we have found that Google and social platform algorithms need to see massive amounts of content to push your brand higher. You must feed the beast! 

4. Create and Post to Social Media Accounts Relevant to Your Customers

create-post-social media-relevant-target-customers
Social media can be a touchy subject depending on the marketer you talk to but one thing will always stay true, social media accounts contribute to your overall SEO. Many things contribute to this such as content, copy, post scheduling, and more but it is important to not get distracted. 

Not every account you have needs to be gaining hundreds of likes or followers unless that is the goal. It is important to set goals in order to improve SEO using all of the strategies surrounding it. And the social signals can offer your brand a huge advantage. 

An easy way to post valuable content that contributes to your overall SEO is by posting blog articles to your social media account.

5. Make Sure Your Content is Valuable and Easy to Read

When it comes to creating content, there are only three options. 

The first is to take the time to learn how to master content creation as well as all the details that go into being successful. The second option is to save time, money, and effort by hiring a company like ours. And the third and final option is posting not-so-great content which at the end of the day isn't going to help boost SEO or anything.

If you decide to take on this task alone, here are four helpful tips from the one and only Neil Patel:
1. pay attention to your headings
2. make sure to always include a call to action
3. create engaging and thought-provoking content
4. try to update regularly

While Anxiously Awaiting the Next Five Tips, Start Here!

We know there are many SEO white hat "hacks" out there for everyone to try. We hope these first five were a great starting point. 

We can't wait to share the final five next week. 

While you wait a week for the next five tips to try, a great way to boost SEO now is by performing a digital marketing audit and analyzing the problem right at the source. 

This will help to get your business ready to boost sales and engagement as we move into the second half of 2021.

Reach out to us today to get your FREE digital marketing audit valued at $2500 started while you patiently wait for the next five tips! 

Guest Post by Reece Smith 

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