How To Make the Most Out of Your Internship: Meet Our Digital Marketing Interns



14 Easy Tips To Make The Most Out Of Every Internship

As entry-level jobs become harder and harder to come by (and then land), internships have become an important part of anyone's resume who is ready to begin their professional career. 

There has always been somewhat of a catch 22 when speaking of experience when beginning a career. Experience is incredibly valuable not only to be successful at a job but also to just get an interview. 

But the big question everyone is asking is how to land those entry-level professional jobs without having any experience in that industry?

The answer: an internship.

Taking part in an internship helps give hands-on experience typical college graduates don't receive in their education.

Once the internship is landed it is important to try to get as much out of the short amount of time spent with that company for a myriad of reasons. Not only could there be potential offerings from that company but relationships built are key to success in any career. 

Here Are 14 Tips To Guarantee the Most Out of An Internship

    1. Be genuine 
    2. Introduce yourself to everyone possible 
    3. Be professional
    4. Be a sponge 
    5. Keep track of projects and responsibilities 
    6. Keep busy by asking for more work 
    7. Set goals and timelines
    8. Don't be afraid to ask for clarification when needed
    9. Own mistakes and learn from them 
    10. Be a go-getter
    11. Pay attention to detail
    12. Always follow-through 
    13. Be punctual 
    14. Treat it like a full-time job 

Meet Our Interns: A House Divided

Here at Shane Shirley Media, our interns Dean Smith and Alexandra Smith are valuable members of our team. And let's just clarify that they are not related! It's a total coincidence they're both Smith's. Although they aren't related they both go to the top rival universities in the state of let's say it's a fun little office rivalry.

We decided we wanted to put the spotlight on them and let our readers see into their lives a bit. So we put together some bio's for them so we could dig a little deeper. 

Dean Smith, Digital Marketing Intern

You know how every business/office needs the funny guy in the group? 

Well for us that's Dean and we are so thankful for that. 

Dean is majoring in Telecommunications and minoring in Innovation at the University of Florida. 

Some of his interests within digital marketing included content creation, account-based marketing, and copywriting. 

When beginning the internship with us he was looking forward to learning more hands-on experience in the digital marketing industry, the various software that is used, and applying the skills he's learned in his senior year of college. 

His favorite thing he is helping us bring to fruition is a hilarious video marketing campaign (more on that later) and writing blog posts. 


Lexie Smith, Customer Relationship Intern

Alexandra or as she is often referred to by her nickname Lexie is a bright young lady with so much potential. 

Lexie is actually about to graduate at the end of this month with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Anthropology from Florida State University. We couldn't be more excited to have her share her skillset with us.

At the beginning of her internship, she was most looking forward to growing her understanding of marketing on the digital side as well as helping the businesses grow. 

So far her favorite thing thus far about her internship is helping out with social media as she really gravitates towards its power. 

Are You Ready for An Internship in Digital Marketing 

We understand that juggling being a full-time student, working an internship, working another part-time job, and still finding time for themselves personally is a lot on their plates. 

We are so proud of the work they have done for us while utilizing our 14 internship tips. We are excited for the opportunities ahead of them at the end of this Summer. 

We are always happy to talk with anyone who may be interested in an internship in digital marketing. If you think that may be you, feel free to email us your resume at! 

Guest Post by Reece Smith 

P.S. A BIG shout out to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) for the awesome gifts packs they sent to our interns. 


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