10 Blogging Tips For Your Small Business in 2022


Start a Successful Blog For Your Business 

When it comes to promoting your business in 2022, blogging is a great place to start. Although you may not realize it, starting a blog and posting regular, consistent content is beneficial to your business. While it may seem like a lot of work to reap the benefits of blogging, it's actually easier than one may think. 

Here are 10 tips to help your business run a successful blog. 

10 Tips to Create a Successful Business Blog

1. Take Advantage of a Blogging Tool 

Blogging isn't for everyone which is why we suggest using a blogging tool

While all of the nine other tips we are suggesting are important, we believe this is the easiest tip of them all to implement.

When your small business invests in a blogging tool, they will reap all the benefits, without all the work. 

No content planning, no keyword research, no on-page SEO, no social posting because all of that is handled for you. Our blogging tool even takes it a step further with not just one post a month, or week, or day...but 5 a day! 

2. Post Content Consistently

One mistake many small businesses make after they've started a blog, is not posting consistently. Blogging and posting to social media and directories like Google My Business consistently drives more targeted traffic to your website. 

Think of your website as your online brick-and-mortar location (or locations with web pages that geo-target everywhere). And in today's digital world, driving the right prospects to your website is incredibly important. 

3. Create Valuable Content

Blogging provides many benefits for your small business, but only if you do it correctly. Creating and sharing valuable content is a must in order to get on Google's good side which ultimately will lead to website traffic. 

4. Promote New Posts on Social Media 

By now you probably know it is important to have an online presence for your business and that an easy way to do this is with social media. 

Well, blogging works hand in hand. 

Each time you have a new blog post, it is important to share that post on social accounts as well. The more people you can get the post in front of, the more website traffic you'll gain. 

5. Utilize Forms on Your Blog 

Forms are a great way to gain information from website visitors you may want to stay in contact with. The data you can collect can include their names, emails, and even phone numbers. There are many ways to utilize forms on your blog that allow you to grow your business, get to know your prospects better and increase website traffic. 

6. Send Weekly Updates To Subscribers

The first way you should be utilizing a form on your blog is by embedding it into every page and adding a slide-in asking website visitors to join a weekly newsletter. 

This allows those who fill out the form to receive updates every time you post on your blog. A great option for this is to use a service like Mailchimp offers with an RSS feed that will automatically send out an update each week to subscribers. 

7. Do Research For Keywords

As we already discussed, there needs to be a rhyme and reason to your blog posts. 

A great way to accomplish that is by doing keyword research. 

Looking up keywords and search engine results quite literally shows you what and how people are searching. This way you can tailor your posts and content around the keywords and have higher odds of showing up in results and increasing web traffic. 

8. Formatting Matters

Another mistake many small businesses make is with their formating of blog posts. 

While the importance of this tends to vary depending on who you talk to, we feel the best choice is the safe choice. 

It is important to always do what Google is saying will help you show up in their results the most and when they recommend certain formatting, we follow suit. 

9. Revive Old Posts 

Not every blog post you share will blow up and drive massive amounts of traffic, but when it happens, because it will, it is important to keep that article alive. 

This means updating content, resharing successful posts to social media, replying to comments, and essentially anything to bring the post up to date to the current time. The posts that gain a lot of traffic are good posts and clearly, Google loves them. Updating them will only help your efforts. 

10. Stay On Google's Good Side 

While this last tip might be a broad one, it is an incredibly important one. Learning how to get there and then staying on Google's good side is the best blogging tip there is. 

This means optimizing images, adding alt-text, laying backlinks, increasing your page speed, publishing longer content, utilizing those keywords and so much more. 

Become a Blogging Pro

While all of these tips will help your blog and increase web traffic to your blog, it takes a lot of time and experience to master blogging and really start seeing the benefits. 

Like was mentioned in the first tip, there is a way to reap all the benefits of blogging, while pleasing Google, without having to lift a finger. 

We suggest a blogging system to our clients every time because it is just that helpful. While our blogging tool can be used as an alternative to traditional blogging, we always suggest posting original content at least once a month. 

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Guest Post by Reece Smith

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