Avoid Hiring Sales Reps With These Four Tools


Stop Wasting Time Hiring Sales Representatives

Hiring sales representatives can be a long, expensive, endeavor that doesn't always work out. 

With so many ways to market your business online, it is more than possible to grow your business, without having to hire a large sales team. 

Digital marketing is one of the most underrated ways to grow your business online. 

Here are 4 tools we think are game-changing and will take your business to new heights.

Grow Your Business Online Without Sales Rep's

Thanks to digital marketing strategies that have been proven successful time and time again, hiring a large sales team can be a thing of the past. 

The following, four tools were designed to supplement an existing sales team or even entirely eliminate the need for people on the ground. 

Rank First, a Local SEO Program for Your Business is a Must

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your online efforts in order to help boost your business in search results. 

Being at the top of search results is key to success when it comes to marketing your business without the use of costly sales reps. 

Being at the top means more clicks and exposure and ultimately leads to conversions and sales! 

Just like when working with sales reps, SEO has the ability to continuously attract targeted leads that will allow your website, or content, to convert them into more sales for your business. This happens without breaking the bank with the cost of paying a sales rep commissions or salary. 

With an SEO tool like ours, you pay a monthly fee to use our product and that is it. You put in zero effort and let our team of professionals handle the SEO for you. 

The World's Most Powerful Blogging and Social Posting Tool 

Having a fabulous website and hiring sales reps is just not enough these days to build your business online. 

You must drive prospects to your website by adding articles related to your industry and posting them to your social media accounts. By doing this you will increase search results for keywords in your articles and drive massive, targeted traffic to your website...all without spending way too much on a sales rep! 

With the help of our proprietary tool, all of the heavy lifting is done by us and managed by us.

A Powerful Tool For Capturing Reviews

Online, the image of your business means everything. 

Having a tool to capture positive reviews from clients or customers and make them available to potential customers to read is key to growth online. 

Our reviews system management tool helps your business avoid bad reviews by dealing with grievances before disgruntled customers leave a review.  After the stellar review is written, our software then pushes the reviews to your website where Google indexes them. 

This process gives your business a unique SEO advantage and is also an excellent supplement to your existing team's efforts. 

Webpages That Geo-Target Everywhere

A local SEO program helps your business get found online locally. 

But when replacing sales reps it's important to note the loss of on-the-ground employees who can target specific locations that might not be so local to you. 

With our tool, targeting specific locations far away from you is possible without having to hire sales representatives. This tool also works well as a supplement to the efforts of your on-the-ground existing sales team. 

Being able to attract new clients or customers in areas in which your business isn't located is vital to success without the use of sales reps. If your business has the ability to sell and ship online, wants to target areas you might service or sell in or have a remote location, this is a tool for you. 

Replace Sales Rep's in Your Business Plan With Digital Marketing

Utilizing sales representatives is one way of marketing your business and increasing sales. With your online presence being such a vital role in the development of your business, it is time to utilize digital marketing. 

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Guest Post by Reece Smith

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