Where To Spend Your Digital Marketing Budget for the Most Impact



Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Budget in 2022?

It is important to always try to maximize your business's budget each year. When it comes to marketing, it sometimes might be hard to decipher which of the various strategies will get give you the best ROI or return on investment. 

Looking into 2022, digital marketing is a must for every business. 

Having an online presence and utilizing the right digital marketing strategies will impact your business in the most positive way. 

Here are four digital marketing strategies we believe will help you reach new heights. 

Four Ways To Strategically Spend Your Marketing Budget for the Most Impact

There are so many digital marketing strategies available to your business, but as we get further into 2022 it's important to utilize the right ones. 

1. Search Engine Optimization

There is nothing more effective and powerful than utilizing search engine optimization for your business. 

Having an online presence is key to growth in today's world. That digital presence starts with a beautiful, user-friendly website (that converts), and ends with an SEO strategy to capture leads. 

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your business's digital efforts in order to push more people to your website. By pushing more people to your website with various SEO tactics you will see a positive impact. 

With an SEO tool, all of the tedious work that goes into search engine optimization is done for you for a small monthly price.

2. Blogging 

Having a website and social media is simply not enough when it comes to digital marketing. There will not be enough organic growth (read FREE traffic) that translates to sales, without more to your strategy. 

To support other efforts, blogging is a great way to spend your marketing budget. Because of its ability to help your business rank in search engines and its power in attracting more customers, it is easy to see the impact. 

But one downside, and why many businesses have stopped utilizing it, is how much effort, time, and money it takes to plan, create, write, and promote each post. 

Thankfully there are digital tools that do all of the work of blogging for you. You and your team just get to sit back and reap the benefits.

3. Capturing Reviews

As we have mentioned, an online presence is vital for any business that is looking to grow in 2022. Your online image is so important in converting leads because it allows new customers to make a judgment call. 

Having a digital tool that captures online reviews from clients and then pushes them to Google is huge and will make a huge impact. A reviews system management tool helps to filter out the lower-rated reviews and allows you to connect with the customer and fix any issues before they have the chance to leave a bad review.

Not only do reviews allow new customers to make an initial judgment but they also provide a unique SEO advantage. Our team can tell you more. 

4. Geo-Targeting Web Pages

SEO, Blogging, and Reviews all help your business get found locally but what about when you need to get found far away? Well investing in web pages that geo-target customers in places you want to sell but aren't located, is why we say this geo-targeting digital tool is a must.  

Being able to attract new clients or customers in your target locations is integral to taking your business to new heights. 

If your business has to ability to ship to or service a variety of locations this geo-targeting digital tool is well worth your marketing spend and provides a great way to grow. 

Plan Your Digital Marketing Budget for the Most Impact 

Digital marketing is not an easy task, especially for those who may not have years of experience behind them and don't even specialize in it. 

It is okay to ask and accept help when it comes to digital marketing. We actually highly recommend collaborating with digital marketers you trust. 

Making sure your business is seeing results from your digital marketing budget is necessary. A great way to do that is by talking to a digital marketing agency like us and coming up with a plan. 

Don't waste any more time this year. Set up a free consultation by filling out the form below and receive a custom digital marketing audit to help you figure out your marketing budget for the most impact!

Guest Post by Reece Smith 


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