Want To Set Your Twitter Feed on Fire With Engagement, Likes, Follows, and Leads? Here’s How To Do It!


Why Twitter Matters To Your Business Now More Than Ever 

Do you remember the "good old days" of Twitter? The interaction was deep and the news came fast. I had over 17,000 followers at one time on my personal account and currently have just under 14,000. 

That all changed once the banning began. But it is a new day and there is a new guard...or there looks as though there will be.

In fact, as soon as Mr. Musk began his Twitter takeover, in addition to users returning to Twitter to claim their cobweb filled profiles, while others threaten to leave, features that have been absent, began returning. 

One excellent feature that has found its way back into use, is the latest Tweets feature at the top of Google search. 

As you can see in the image below, when you search a business or a person, their latest Tweets will show up in the most coveted area of SERPs (search engine results pages).  


Give it a try for yourself. 

Here's How to Make The Most of Twitter!

First, you must show up to the party and create a profile or preferably, login to your old account.  

Twitter features like top billing in search offers your brand or business social proof, relevance, and another way for your prospects and current customers to connect with your organization. 

Additionally, search engines will see the content you lay down on Twitter as well as the links (yes social matters for SEO or search engine optimization) and your brand will benefit. 

Your Twitter profile may even rank for your keywords! 

Next, be sure your Twitter profile is properly optimized just like all of your social media profiles should be optimized for SEO (including LinkedIn business and personal pages). Then start sharing content and exploring hashtags for new prospects with which to follow and engage. 

Now Let's Put Your Twitter Feed on Fire! 

After you have your profile optimized and you are sharing and engaging, it is time to put your Twitter feed on fire. 

Each social network has an algorithm that you need to know in order to get your content the eyeballs you need and want on it. Unfortunately, we usually do not get a playbook with all of the things we need to do in order to get our content into the feed of many people. 

So we use data and our data shows that the social algorithms are favoring high amounts of high-level content. 

Feed the beast what is wants! Set your Twitter feed on fire with the world's most powerful blogging and social posting tool...gotcha!STREAM. 

Not only will you get to partner with Influencers we help you choose from our over 10,000 connections, with gotcha!STREAM, you will also "feed the beast" with three to five posts, five days a week posted to your blog or news section which will then get sent out to your Twitter (and LinkedIn and Facebook) feed automatically. 

Yes, I said automatically. 

And you will automatically begin getting engagements, Likes, followers and leads. 

And you will automatically begin getting a massive increase in targeted, organic traffic to your website. 

And if your website is set up properly with an excellent user experience, you will get increased forms filled out and phone calls resulting in new clients. 

Let's Do This! 

It's time to start or re-start your Twitter feed so your business can reap the benefits. 

Fill out the form below to set your Twitter feed on fire and drive massive amounts of traffic to your website to increase leads and revenue! 


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