5 MORE Website Development and Design Trends for 2023


Here's What's Hot in Web Design & Development for 2023 

Did you know there is a difference between web development and web design? Website design takes into account all of the elements your users will see and utilize, and how they work together to enhance your user's experience. Website development refers to the actual building of the website. True website development requires the ability to code. 

Although many people will tell you that you can easily build your own website, you can’t. Unless you know how to code and utilize design elements that will bring your users back again and again while pleasing Google at the same time, leave it to the experts. 

That said, building or updating your website is a collaborative, fun process. 

Our team has built over 10,0000 websites so they know a thing or two about what works, what doesn’t, and what is on trend for 2023. Today we share five MORE website design and development trends our web team thinks will be important in the upcoming year. 

Will Your New Site Incorporate Any of These Web Design & Development Trends? 

  1. Beyond Frosted - Glassmorphism, or using properties of glass to enhance web design is nothing new. These types of elements and shapes work well with backgrounds that are colorful and bright or those that highlight the see-through glass effect. But what is new will be utilizing new glass textures (beyond frosted), moving patterns, and shapes within the effect to enhance website design into 2023 and the future. An excellent design substitute for gradients.   
  2. Design in Motion - Though in the past it was much more difficult to create animations for websites, with today's technologies, motion design (animation) is a fun and easy way to spice up your website. It's interactive, memorable, and so easily customizable to your business. Even the simplest of animated designs adds a special touch that will be notable and memorable to your consumer.
  3. Go Retro - Fun, pop-art, eye-catching animations especially those reminiscent of the ’90s (think bubblegum, big hair, and Tamagotchis) and ’00s (think floppy disks, iPods, and neon) are coming in strong for 2023 web design. For fun and interactive brands that want to tug at the heartstrings of many demographics, retro elements are eye-catching. 
  4. Are You Secure? - In 2023, Cyber Security will become standard operating procedure for web development. Ignoring it would be putting your business not only behind the curve but also putting it at risk for hackers that could steal information. And not just your information, but your customer's as well. Make sure you don't create a bad situation at hand that could cause harm to your company and others and invest in cyber security. 
  5. Can You Hear Me? - I have written about voice technology in marketing in the past, and everything previously written in that blog post still rings true today, if not more so. But, to reiterate, voice technology has an abundant amount of advantages. One of these advantages is providing a stress-free experience for those visiting your website. With the use of voice search and using voice to text, less typing is having to be done. It decreases stress in this way, and therefore a positive association will be created between the consumer and your brand. 

When Was Your Website Built? Ready to Get a Fresh Look and Fix problems? 

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Take a look at a recent website update we did for a unique jewelry brand that decided they were ready for an update. From doctors to online retailers and everything in between, our team has been honored to work with incredible brands. 

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