5 Website Design and Development Trends for 2023


Is It Time for a Website Refresh? Don’t Miss Out on These 5 Up and Coming Web Trends for 2023

When was your website built? Are you happy with it? Is it performing well for you in Google search? Is your website bringing in leads? Is it time for a website redesign? 

If you and your team are considering a website redesign, you will want to give these web trends a look. We consulted with our website development team, who have built over 10,000 websites since 2008, to get their opinion on what they think will be hot in 2023. 

To find out for yourself, keep reading. 

5 Beneficial Website Design and Development Trends for 2023 

1.  Go Organic with Shapes

In the past few years, geometric shapes (straight lines) have been popular in web design. But for 2023, you can already see organic shapes becoming popular. 

What are organic shapes, you may ask? Essentially, anything that doesn't involve straight lines. This also can include naturally occurring shapes. Think rivers, hills, etc. Ex: this Instagram post

In web design, you can incorporate organic shapes in a variety of places for an overall calming and put-together aesthetic. 

2.  Get Personal with Geolocation & Browser-Based Content

More on the web development side rather than design, this trend is focused on knowing your customer, and personalizing their experience on your website. This means providing custom content based on where the customer lives, past purchases or views, saved items, etc, on your website and others. 

Content differs based on your customer and what kind of business you have, making your consumer's trip to your website a special one increases the chance of them wanting to come back for more.

3. Be Remembered with Animated & Customized Cursors

As seen here on our client KC Chic's website,  animated or customized cursors are making a comeback in 2023. Similarly to how geolocation & browser-based content can help with a personalized feel to your website, custom and animated cursors do the same thing. 

They bring a unique feel to your website and can elevate your design to the next level. It's an extra step to make for those who visit your website to remember your business.

4.  Go Negative with Your Space

Also known as "white space", negative space is centered on allowing your content to speak for itself. This means not trying to crowd a space with as much information as possible.

This design approach ends up giving a sleek and relaxing look to those stopping by your website. 

Minimalism is becoming more popular in everyday life, so why shouldn't it be found on your website, too? 

5. Dark Mode Works

Although shied away from in the recent past, dark mode is an all-around great idea when it comes to upcoming web design projects. It keeps down eye strain, allows other design elements to be easily highlighted, and supplies a modern look to your website. 

Dark mode designs promote longevity in the amount of time people can spend on your website. And it works to ensure visitors are focusing on the content you want them to, just like with white space.

With all these options how do I know what's best for me and my business? 

From organic shapes to dark mode, these are just five of the trends our team says are on the upswing. In fact, they came up with even more website trends for 2023 that we will share in a future blog post. 

Still struggling to figure out what direction to go in with your website redesign?

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