3 Trade Show Marketing Ideas You May Be Missing

Get Leads and Build Relationships at Your Next Event

Some of the best trade show marketing ideas are ones that you may not have thought of...yet. Today I would like to offer up three trade show marketing ideas that have been working for us to increase leads and business. Simply incorporating one of these tips into your next trade show or event can yield major results.

How Boyan Slat and His Ocean CleanUp Will Save Our Oceans

Boyan Slat is Cleaning Up Our Oceans...No Kidding

I just saw the below video on LinkedIn from one of my contacts Robert Green (how apropos) and got chills and frankly, I actually got a little choked up. Now my girls will tell you that I get choked up a lot lately and what can I say, I am a 48 year old woman with hot flashes and hormones raging like a teenager (but going in the reverse direction) but this is huge and worth the happy tears.

It seems that a 21 year old man named Boyan Slat has come up with part of the solution to clean up our oceans that is truly incredible. Actually he came up with the idea when he was just 19 and founded the non-profit, The Ocean CleanUp, when he was which has already raised over $2 million.

Orlando Terrorist Attack at Pulse...Get Informed

Pray for Orlando...Pray for The World

I love to dance but I haven't been out dancing in over a year. In Orlando, the best place to dance is Pulse. Pulse is not just a LGBT club, it has a reputation of being a fun and welcoming place to all who want to experience a great night of dancing. For three weeks my boyfriend and I have been talking about going to Pulse. I even told my two besties that we needed to go because it was supposed to be THE place to dance in O-Town.

Last night, after dancing between the tables in between courses at a late dinner, only by chance, my boyfriend and I ended up calling it a night instead of continuing our evening at Pulse. 

What if we had been there? What if you or your loved one had been there? What if they were? What about the beautiful lives lost last night? What about the credible threat to Florida from ISIS? Was there a threat? Why did we not hear about that? Is that even real? Am I supposed to let my daughter go to work today since a State of Emergency has been issued for Orange County Florida where we live? Who do I believe?

5 Tips to Save Fuel This Summer

Looking for Ways to Save Fuel? 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, greenhouse gas emissions from transportation accounted for 26 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2014, making it the second largest contributor behind the electricity sector. Now I would bet, that just like me, you are always going around your house turning off lights to save money and energy.  We know this decreases our greenhouse gas emissions and makes a difference to not only our electric bill, but our planet as well. And just like me, I also would bet that you work hard to save fuel.

Greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles are dependent on three factors: the vehicle, the fuel and the driver. The driver portion holds potential for substantial emission reductions at minimal cost, but is often overlooked.

Newly Released Report Says Two Out Of Three Food Cans Test Positive for BPA. How To Protect Yourself

New Report Says Two Out of Three Food Cans Tested Have Toxic BPA in the Linings

A new report released today by six nonprofit organizations that tested nearly 200 food can linings for the toxic chemical, Bisphenol-A (BPA) just verified what many of us knew already, but the results are still sobering. The report found that two out of three cans tested have the chemical, Bisphenol-A (BPA) in the lining.

I have written many times about BPA and its impacts on consumer health but as a reminder, BPA is an endocrine-disrupting chemical that negatively impacts our hormonal systems. Think about how many people you know that have had a hard time getting pregnant or how many of your friends and family have had breast cancer and this hormone disrupting BPA becomes not a friend to consumers but an enemy to us all and perhaps even our future survival.

Think I am exaggerating? Read On...