Why You Should Dump Happiness

Why Happiness is Overrated 

This world is beating us up...but we all keep looking for happiness. We don't give up and we keep moving forward, but we wonder why we are not happy.

Now maybe you adore him, but I am not a fan of Mathew McConaughey. I did come across this video a while back and I wanted to share it. I think it is worth spending 10 minutes to watch.

The Secret to Living 

Get rid of the excess. Protect your time for what matters to you. Stand firm in your beliefs.

You are ultimately alone in this life and that is not a bad thing. This reality forces us to stop looking for outside approval and the resulting happiness. We can begin to look up instead of over.

The answer to what you are searching for, really lies within you. You have a purpose that is not difficult to find.

Eliminate who you are not, and you will be on the path to dumping all that you think makes you happy...and you will find your joy.

Green Living Guy to Donate Green Guide Books to Orlando Science Middle/High School


My long-time friend, The Green Living Guy Seth Leitman, will be visiting Orlando Science Middle/High School this Friday, May 4 at 9:00 AM to help educate the 7th and 8th graders! As part of his tour, he will be donating his Green Guru Guide Books to schools throughout the country including 500 to the students at Orlando Science Middle/High School.

“My goal is to visit my fanbase across the world in an effort to educate people of all ages on how to go green and save energy in easy and simple ways,” says Leitman. “The book tour is my effort to teach students to improve their technical skills in relation to renewal energy and energy efficiency.” 

The Green Guru Guides show the reader how to do a particular task, whether it’s building a new energy-efficient vehicle, greening a particular task, or greening an entire home. These green living guides focus on implementing environmentally friendly technologies and making them work for you.

2 Reasons Voice Technology Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy Right Now

2 Reasons Voice Technology Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy Right Now
Marketers Listen Up, Voice Technology Delivers Ripe Opportunity To Connect With Your Audience on a Deeper Level

Marketers, are you listening to what your customers are saying? According to a 2017 global trends and insight report on voice technology and its impact on brands, you need to be. According to the study ingeniously titled "Speak Easy Global, The Future Speaks to You", voice technology will redefine  how we live our lives, and bring dramatic change to the customer experience. Your customer.

Here's 2 Reasons Why Marketing Voice Technology Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy Right Now 

Do Consumers Care If Brands Are On A Social Mission?

Image Credit BrandQuarterly.com
Today’s Consumers Demand Much More Than Just a Good Deal

For brands to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, they must have a purpose behind their brand and show a desire to fulfill more than just their own bottom line.

When brands and consumers work in unison on a social mission, the impact can be significant. Sure, a committed consumer following makes it easier to boost sales. However, when the next step is taken, and consumers are tied to a brand with a social mission, the loyalty advances well beyond the point of sale.

Driven by a clearly defined social mission, customers will be much more likely to stick up for your brand in social settings and on social media. Businesses that are on a social mission have a competitive advantage while also doing good in the world.

With a loyal customer base that’s supporting a cause, you will have more opportunities to gain brand visibility, improve reputation, and form valuable partnerships. In a nutshell, businesses that are on a social mission have a competitive advantage while also doing good in the world. You don’t have to take my word for it. There’s an abundance of industry research that supports these claims and shows that the marriage between brands and social missions is more than just a fad; it’s a shift that’s here to stay. 

Let’s take a look at some data that supports these claims, and the steps brand should take:

How Retailers Can Use Reusable Bags to Increase Repeat Business

The Surefire Way to Attract Repeat Retail Business with Reusable Shopping Bags
Here's How to Put Reusable Shopping Bags to Work for Your Brand to Attract Repeat Retail Business!

Many retail businesses concentrate their marketing efforts on gaining new customers. You certainly want to grow and expand your customer base. But for long-term success, it is also important to maintain and build upon the relationships you already have with existing customers. You want to create retail brand advocates and make sure those customers know they are appreciated.

So in order to attract repeat business, you need to have a great product. Done. Next you need to develop a relationship with each of your your customers that makes them feel like part of your brand. This is where reusable shopping bags can help build the relationship and help you attract that important repeat business.

Relationships Matter Today in Business More Than Ever

There are too many competitors that also have a great product that are working to build relationships with your market share. That's where "The Gift with Purchase, That Keeps On Giving" comes into play. It's easy and will put your brand and your customers together working to save the planet and save them money. How does that sound?

Here's how to do it. Create custom reusable shopping bags in many sizes to offer as a "thank you" gift with purchase. You can also offer your custom reusable shopping bags as a gift with minimum purchase. Your customers will be thrilled to receive a free gift, but you can expand of this offer.

Offer Special Discounts When Customers Bring Your Reusable Shopping Bags

Let your customers know, as they check out, as well as by placing the info on the bag, that each time they bring their bag back in to shop, they will receive a discount; either a percentage or a flat fee taken off of their purchase for going reusable with your brand.

To make it fun, you can offer a standard discount for everything that can fit in the bag. That is where the different sizes can make things interesting. You can also create seasonal bags to mix it up and generate interest. Or you can offer special edition bags that offer more of a discount to celebrate a milestone or event.

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