How to Feed Kids Healthy Food on a Budget

Want Non-GMO, Organic Foods on a Budget? It is Possible...Here's How

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a better way of shopping for organic, nonGMO foods and it has literally been a blessing to my family. The Green PolkaDot Box is not only a great way to get healthy and safe foods, personal care products, items for baby, natural remedies, pet care products, garden, and home goods for your family, it is also a fun and easy way to shop at up to 60% off of what you would pay at your local health food store or Whole Foods.

You can shop anytime day or night that is convenient for you and because it is all done online and your purchase comes right to your front door in a fun, Green PolkaDot Box (free shipping on orders over$75) that my kids cannot wait to rip open and grab all of their favorite things from inside.

Soon we will even be able to get nonGMO, organic fruits and veggies year round grown hydroponically in Living Produce Growing Centers!!

What are you waiting for? Go check it out now HERE!  :)

P.S.- People always ask me where I get my organic food and personal care products and I love to tell them about The Green PolkaDot Box! Backed by the Organic Consumer's Association and, you can easily buy NonGMO organic groceries, including Harvest Fresh Organic produce, at wholesale pricing online.  It's like a Sam's club but focused on products for green, healthy living! You can even shop by dietary restrictions like gluten free, vegan or diabetic and it all comes right to your front door. Enjoy!


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