It's Not Easy Being Green! Kermit says it the best...

You know some days are just better than others and other days just suck.  Some days I "Just say NO" to walking the destructive path and I eat green, I live green and I swear to God I pee green.  Usually I don't mind it when people look at me like a flippin' freak when I tell them I don't need a plastic bag for my take-out.  Other days it's like, "Just give me the damn food, you can put it in styrofoam for all I care." 

To hell with being green. 

You see it's not so easy, every single day, to be the person people feel like they have to run away from because they are trying to hide their plastic water bottle.  I might make them feel guilty...just by my sheer presence.  I never say anything to them, but sometimes they say something to me like, "I know I shouldn't be drinking out of this, huh?"  Like I am supposed to grant them exoneration from their sinful, unhealthy and unsustainable choices? 

Some days it's just not that easy being green. 
Surprised?  Well get a clue.  You are not the only one out there struggling with living a healthy, green lifestyle.  Even us so called "experts", who are devoting our lives to a passion for green, sometimes just miss the green mark.

I just had a conversation today about "green guilt" with the head of a green non-profit. We were joking that it is good thing nobody has put hidden cameras on any of us Eco-types. We would certainly be exposed as the true humans that we are; walking the path to green but not quite "there" yet.

I ran across a really neat (I am dating myself with the use of the word, I think I did that with the Kermit the Frog reference) blog post today that kind of puts it all in perspective. Check out, "Trust Me, We're Not As Green As You Think We Are!" for perspective on walking the path to green.

I guess Kermit truly says it best for me, "Why wonder? I'm green and it'll do fine, it's beautiful!  And I think it's what I want to be..."

It's not about guilt.

It's just that some days are better than others, and other days...there's always tomorrow. 

Peace, Love and Eco,

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  1. I think the guilt is worse for us who are trying our best to be green. I slipped yesterday and it's still bugging me. I drove to the bank, turned into the parking lot and suddenly realized... I live just two blocks away. I should have walked!

  2. That's what I am talking about! We should not feel guilty. It is sort of like praying for God to make us a better person...there is always more room to go.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead