Green Moms How do You Spend Your Happy Hour? Treasure "Self" with Happy Hour Mom!

You all know that I am all about living the Environmental Booty lifestyle.  That means I live and share the green message to treasure self, people and planet.  Living green is a lifestyle, a conscience choice to live cleaner, better and healthier for yourself as well as the health of our planet.  Are you green moms out there so busy buying organic grapes and changing cloth diapers that you have forgotten how to treasure self with a little happy hour fun?

Well let me introduce you to my new OpenSky friends Toni and Shannon from Happy Hour Mom.  Toni, Shannon and their contributing mom bloggers will set you on the path to green by taking  a few minutes to treasure self.  It is totally like you are at Happy Hour with your girlfriends (remember when you used to do that?) and just dishing the girl talk.  Remember how much better you used to feel after a GNO (Girls Night Out)?  Truly that high you felt wasn't the booze that filled your soul.  It was the time spent with your girlfriends finding out that you aren't the only one who has shocking confessions about who you want to wear your Plum Pretty Sugar Kimono for each night.  I know who I want to wear mine for...sigh.

Anyhoooo, take a cyber ride on over to my girlies' place at HHM and make sure to subscribe or mark it as a favorite to stay up to date with Happy Hour Mom each day. Then, shut the computer down, call your real life girl friends and set up a little happy hour  "treasure" time.  Keep your soul full and ready for whatever is around the corner tomorrow on your walk on the path to green.  Green is a it!

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  1. This is excellent and effective ways of creating Green awareness among readers. Thanks for your great and consistent action. Shane.

  2. Hey James, thanks for stopping by. I think sometimes moms forget to think of themselves and this is great site for them to do just that as well as find tips on being a mom!

  3. Thanks so much Shane! Mommy power!


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