Simple, Green Solutions for Living in a Complex World with Mike Lieberman

If you are looking for simple, green solutions for living in our complex world,  you should get to know Mike Lieberman and follow some of his low cost green living ideas.  I met Mike through OpenSky as he is one of my fellow shopkeepers on Main Street USA and will be opening his shop soon.  Carnasie BK, as he is known by his friends, shares his Eco advice as he leads us through 365 Ways to Go Green, Simply Raw Recipes and Urban Organic Gardening Tips.  This guy eats, breathes and sleeps green living and gives practical Eco solutions to living healthy while keeping an eye on sustainability.  I can't wait to see what products he stocks in his shop. 

What I love about Carnasie BK is that he totally appeals to both men and women looking for green resources, products and information.  Mike is a tough guy, rough guy and I think most guys can relate to him easily.  Plus, ladies am I wrong when I say he is pretty easy on the eyes?  Kind of fun to check in and see what hot, green guy in Manhattan is doing eh? 

From what I can tell, this guy is the real green, raw, organic deal.  He is genuine, smart and totally committed to living and sharing the message of finding the treasure in self, people and planet.  Be sure to join him on Twitter and tell him EnviroBooty says, "Hi".  

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