The Lancet's Andrew Wakefield MMR Autism Connection Retraction Comes Just as The US Gov't. Calls for More Study

First let me remind you that all of my children are fully vaccinated.  Next let me remind you that my father is in a wheelchair because of a Hepatitis-B vaccine and has been compensated by the U.S. Government for the injury.  But follow me here K?

I have been telling you for a while about how the US government continues to look into subsets of the population being more susceptible to Autism from environmental factors and vaccines than others right?  Chances are you have heard about the retraction of Andrew Wakefield's Measles Mumps and Rubella study (which connected the MMR vaccine to autism) by the Lancet.  So Today I find out that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has released their 2010 Strategic Plan for Autism Spectrum Disorders and guess what?  The plan calls for more study into whether certain people are more susceptible to Autism because of environmental factors such as immune challenges, which could include vaccines. Just thought I would let you know...the Lancet study may be out, but the research continues.

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