What is a Non-Toxic, Healthy Teething Solution that Does Double Duty for Mom? Environmental Booty, OpenSky and Roundhouse Design Bring You The Oh Plah!

A while ago, when I decided to begin to focus on finding environmentally safe, green living products to share with all of you, I came across, what I think, is an absolute must have for every mom.  I found, and fell in love with, the Oh Plah!  Sadly, I didn't find it until after I suffered through my little ones teething woes and stuffed (what I know now were) chemical laced teething rings into their mouths.  Times are different today right?  I imagine these days it is pretty easy to find safe, medical grade thermoplastic, non-toxic, bacteria-resistant, teethers and toys which are free of lead, latex, PVC, BPA and phthalates, right?  Okay, so maybe not so easy?  Relax, I  am so happy to be able to make this easy for you by offering this perfect, Eco-friendly teething solution in our Environmental Booty Shop.

Not only is the Oh Plah! an Eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic toy and teether for your little one, it serves double green duty as a totally cool way to express yourself.  Always ready (and not buried in the bottom of the "lord only knows what is living in that" diaper bag) when you need it.   Just pull it from your wrist as the Oh Plah! is a flippin cool bracelet too. Oh Plah! is French for  "here you go".  But wait, it gets better...

The Oh Plah! is sooo good for you, your baby and the environment.  The perfect way to treasure self, people and planet.  Roundhouse Design, the manufacturer of the Oh Plah!, practices a closed loop cycle with its Full Circle Recycling program: When it's time, Roundhouse will pay to have your Oh Plah! shipped back to have it recycled into new products!

Take your pick from Whimsy (purple), Synchronicity (grey), Energy (green), Simplicity (pink), Serenity (white) and Harmony (blue).   They might make you feel a little like Linda Carter as Wonder Woman in the mid seventies; I am dating myself but do some of you remember her magical bracelets?  What mom, I mean wonder woman, couldn't use a little extra magic today?  Head over to the Environmental Booty Shop and pick up some today...

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