A Wake-Up Story for Every Single One of Us from Healthy Child Healthy World. Are You Ready to Listen and Take Action?

This video could be one of THE most important you ever watch and share. My mother and I used to sit around lamenting that everyone was sick, kids were flipping out with aggression and attention difficulties and so on that I eventually began to try to find the answers to our concerns.  Do you have those same worries?

What I have found over the last few years is that there is an overwhelming amount of research that points  to an overloading of toxins in our children's lives; not to mention ours.  There is a movement around us that is gaining momentum, going mainstream and reaching every corner of the world.  Will you commit to becoming  a part of the solution to decrease this toxic overload?  Are you willing to take the time to become an informed consumer, change your buying habits to support that information and share what you learn with friends, family and any person you can get to listen?

If we can all work together and stop waiting for the government to put in place laws to "protect" us we might just create a healthier world  for our future generations as well as for ourselves.  Look at what a joke the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976 turned out to be.  In almost 34 years, the EPA has banned only a handful of chemicals out of thousands.  Must be nice to be able to produce a chemical, put it into the market and not have to worry about all of that silly stuff like making absolutely certain there are no risks at all associated with it.   I love being a guinea pig and offering up my children to the alter of non-government regulation and safety don't you?

I ran across the following quote today, in what I can only call one of the most important articles of our time, about The Toxic Substance Control Act.  Maureen Swanson, the coordinator of the Learning Disabilities of America’s Healthy Children Project, which investigates and highlights the relationship between toxic chemicals and brain damage said, "Basically it requires the government to prove a chemical is dangerous or harmful to health after it is already in the market and after people are already exposed to it." She added that the "burden of proof is extremely high. The EPA has only banned or limited the use of five chemicals. Out of thousands. People think we have a safety net, but we do not."

Our future depends on our knowledge and actions.  What choices will you make today that will change your health and the health of our world tomorrow?  The time has come to create our own safety net.  

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  1. Your care and effort of promoting the awareness is far beyond words. Keep it up your good work. Great love from James

  2. Hugs and love to you James and right back at ya'!

  3. Great awareness effort mate. Its always good for parents to bring up your healthy child

  4. Thanks very much Sandy! There are so many people who never even consider the choices they make for their children as far as toxins go. My goal is to try to wake people up to that idea.

  5. I don't like the Anti-Breast Feeding message at 1:04....jeopardizes the credibility of the whole clip in my eyes. As well, this clip really romanticizes the past, and runs down the present, in a most simplistic way. Anybody who cares about kids is going to have a very strong emotional reaction to this clip, I think it is important, though, that we don't let our emotions shut off our critical thinking. Who is behind this HCHW group? Some business interest, I'd bet. Take this, though: anyone who wants to come between a baby and her mother's breast IS NO FRIEND OF CHILDREN!!!!

  6. Hey Anonymous, I hear you. When I first saw that it irked me too. But it is true that perchlorate (or jet fuel) was found in breast milk throughout the US.


    I remember b/c I was breastfeeding my last when it was big news. It's like take your pick you want BPA in formula or perchlorate? I of course chose the breast b/c it was right for me. I also was one of those mothers that liked to have her baby hooked to her at all times...well you know what I mean.

    Please stop back by. I really appreciate your thought provoking and obviously passionate comment.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead