Skin MD Natural...a Solar Powered, Skin Shielding, Dry Skin Solution

A few weeks ago, I was asked to do a review of a non-toxic, paraben and petroleum free lotion called Skin MD Natural.  Although I do reviews often, I am always a little leery of them.  If I do not like the product I am reviewing, I have an obligation to tell my community.  A negative review can lead to some bad feelings with green suppliers and manufacturers but I refuse to be a part of "greenwashing".  If a green product hits the mark, I will give it a great review, promote it and possibly offer it in my Environmental Booty OpenSky Shop
and I cannot promote anything that I would not use myself...ever!

Luckily, Skin MD Natural has made this review easy for me today by creating an outstanding, natural product that not only offers great results for my skin without harmful chemicals, but is actually manufactured using solar energy.  The synergy that exists between making Skin MD Natural safe and beneficial for your health and safe and beneficial for the health of our environment is, for me, the epitome of a perfect, green product.

Skin MD Naturals has recently installed 350 roof top solar panels to power their laboratory and has just received their first batch of lotion made entirely through solar power.  What an accomplishment to be a part of?  What’s really awesome is that on some days they may only need 70% of the power stored in the cells.  The remaining 30% can be drawn by the city of Azusa where their lab is located.  It’s an environmental win win for the city and Skin MD Natural.  Although they are a small but growing company, I think they are are moving in the right direction.  Carlo Verde, with Skin MD Natural says their hope is "that many companies in our industry will follow our lead."

I think you'll like using Skin MD Natural because unlike other moisturizers, their lotion works with skin to keep it silky smooth.  Many traditional lotions just add moisture to the top of the skin using either lanolin (an animal oil extracted from wool) or petroleum;  things you want to avoid if you are vegan or trying to walk a greener path. Skin MD Natural lotions protect and "bond" to the outer layer of the skin so that moisture is retained and irritants are blocked out.  This way the skin is able to keep its natural oils. This Eco lotion (which comes with or without sunscreen)  forms a breathable barrier over the stratum corneum, giving it the protection it needs to shield against pollutants and irritants in the environment.

The first day I used the Skin MD Natural Environmental Shielding Lotion, I was suffering from a very bad case of Flu-B.  I was dehydrated and barely able to stand but was in desperate need of a shower.  When I got out of the shower and dried off, for the ease of having to use just one product (the last thing I was thinking about was the review) I picked up my sample of Skin MD and put it on my face, hands and body.  The first thing I noticed was an incredible silky feeling.  The next thing I noticed was that my fingers had miraculously been healed of their prune like appearance.  I kid you not!  It was amazing.

You should take a look at the pictures on the Skin MD Natural site showing the results Skin MD Natural produces when used for eczema and tell me if you don't agree that this natural lotion is amazing.  The natural and homeopathic ingredients it contains have an antimicrobial effect which helps to decrease bacteria and did I mention the fact that this lotion is a great choice for people suffering from the dry, thick and itchy skin which afflicts those with thyroid conditions?  I could tell you more ways this lotion is helping people and could help you but you really need to get some in (and on) your hands to see what I am talking about.

So here is another thing I love about Skin MD Naturals...they offer samples.  If you include a self addressed stamped envelop, posted with $0.44, inside an envelope addressed to the address below, they will send you 2 sample packets containing 3 - 5 uses!

21st Century Formulations
9663 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 860
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

You will need to specify the type of sample you would like to receive by addressing the envelope to them as follows:
  • Skin MD Natural Sample Offer - for the original formula of Skin MD Natural.
  • Skin MD Natural SPF 15 Sample offer - for the Skin MD Natural with SPF 15.
  • Skin MD Natural Combined Sample Offer - for one of each sample.
If you want to make it super easy, you can just  order samples online and Skin MD Naturals will  mail you 2 sample packets each containing 3 - 5 uses for only $2.00 shipping and handling.

This is one solar powered, skin shielding, dry skin solution I would love to offer in my Environmental Booty OpenSky Shop.  Until then, you can purchase this Eco lotion, at a surprisingly low price, on the Skin MD Natural site or visit their store locater page to find the store nearest you. 

This review was easy.  What's not to love about this solar powered, natural and beneficial lotion?  Skin MD Natural... good for you and good for our environment.

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