Save 20% or Choose Free Shipping on ANY of the Special Green Living Finds in My Environmental Booty OpenSky Shop!

I am very proud of my Environmental Booty (like pirate booty but Eco-Booty...get it?) Shop! From clothing to computers, cooking to chocolates and everything in between, you will want to make the Environmental Booty Shop a frequent stop on your green living journey.  There has never been a better time to begin or continue your journey on the path to a greener lifestyle because now through August 9, 2010, you can save 20% or choose free shipping on ANY of the special green living finds in my Environmental Booty  Shop!

I have partnered with green suppliers who are as passionate about helping you to live healthier and more sustainable lives as I am.  Shoppers have told me that, at first, the large number of products can be a bit overwhelming.  I want you to be able to take advantage of this deal and not feel overwhelmed with the product choices.  So... I have chosen 2 green living products from my shop that I love and use in my home to help get you started shopping and saving.  It wasn't easy to pick just 2, but I think you will be intrigued by what you see.  If you do see something you think you might be interested in, just click on the picture for more information.  Remember, you can always view my entire green lifestyle product line in my Shop

ThermaSkin Natural Wrinkle Skin Stick by GSC Products LLC - I use this little stick every single morning because it truly works on wrinkles like you wouldn't believe!!  Even my 13 year has started stealing it after she saw what it did to my face!!

Seven Oaks Ranch Organic Garlic Gold Oil & Garlic Gold Sampler Pack - I use both of these green cooking products because they are certified organic, immensely healthy, sooo totally flavorful and they can turn even the worst cook into a gourmet chef...seriously I should know!

Okay folks so there two of my top, green-lifestyle picks to get you started shopping and you can use one of the the following codes in bold below to save big!  Remember, you can save on ANY of the green living products in my Environmental Booty Shop through August 9, 2010! 
  • JulyFreeShip - you guessed it: free shipping on any product thru 8/9. 
  • July20pct - and another hard to guess value: 20% on any product thru 8/9. 
Please feel free to share this deal with your friends by using the Tweet and Facebook "Like" buttons above or the share and email buttons below!  It's so very, very important to remember that our future depends on our knowledge and actions.  The choices that you make today will change your health and the health of our world tomorrow. Together, we CAN find the path that leads to a greener, healthier and more sustainable future for us all.

Peace, Love and Eco - Shane

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