How to Fight Breast Cancer? Get Your Mammogram, Never Stop Giving and Take Pink...It's SoTru!

How to Fight Breast Cancer?  Get Your Mammogram, Never Stop Giving and Take Pink...It's SoTru!
Last week I had to go through the indignity of getting my yearly mammogram.  I say indignity because I was never busty, but after nursing three girls for a total of six years, my breasts are a member of the itty bitty...well you know the rest of that saying right?  I am always surprised that the poor tech can actually fit my "little" girls into the machine and get a picture of my breasts.   It is truly one of the best ways to save the girls and keep an eye out for breast cancer right?

I love, love , love the saying on this shirt, don't you?
Still, how lucky am I that I am able to afford to get my mammogram each year?  Just think of all of the women who are not so lucky.  So what if you could fight breast cancer while you help give other women those very important mammograms? 

Help Fight Breast Cancer with SoTru®Pink and never stop giving!
To support early detection and research, SoTru® has partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation ( to launch a TOTALLY NATURAL  breast health support supplement called SoTru®Pink.  For every bottle of Pink sold, SoTru® will donate $2 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  But wait it gets better!  The money raised from the sale of SoTru®Pink will help fund free mammograms for women who could otherwise not afford them and support research programs in leading facilities across the country. 

So what is in Sotru® Pink?
Sotru® Pink is a dual action formula that contains high potency antioxidants and a Breast Health Support Blend, which are packed with natural fruit, vegetable and botanical extracts. Sotru® uses only the highest quality extracts, which are standardized to provide the highest potency, purity and bioavailability.

How does Sotru® Pink help support breast health?
Sotru® Pink contains proprietary ingredients that help support your body and breast tissue from the ravages of free-radical damage, promote normal inflammatory response and help assist in cellular detoxification. SoTru Pink was developed to help provide your body with the maximum protection from oxidative stress. Sotru® Pink also contains Calcium D-Glucarate and Vitamin D to help optimal breast tissue and facilitate the health of any woman’s body.

Does Sotru® Pink contain added sugar, soy, gluten or dairy?
No. Sotru® Pink contains no sugars, soy, gluten or dairy.

How should Sotru® Pink be stored?
Store Sotru® Pink at room temperature and away from strong heat and light. Reseal the bottle tightly after opening.  SoTru recommends that you use the product within 3 months of opening.

How and when should you take Sotru® Pink?
Take three capsules of Sotru® Pink daily, with food.

Get your mammograms, never stop giving, and take your Pink...It's Sotru®!

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