So Excited to Offer the New, Improved Envitote + 1 FREE Envipal (an $8 Value!) INTRODUCTORY OFFER from My Friends at Envicorp!

The Envitote is one of my favorite reusable bags and it was developed by two ladies from Envicorp who really care about providing quality Eco-products to help consumers live greener lives each and every single day!  Envicorp offers great green living solutions to make your life healthier and our planet a bit greener, and they do it out of a true passion to help people save our world.  Using Envicorp's products means you are reducing consumer waste to help save our planet and using their products will help you save money too.  I am super excited to let you know that I have teamed up with Envicorp for a special introductory offer on the new and improved Envitote.  You will get a special price and to top it off, you'll also get a FREE Enviapal!*

-The Envitote is the perfect eco-friendly reusable bag.
-It is constructed of 100% canvas, a renewable resource.
-The removable cardstock stiffeners add support and stability, preventing items from being crushed.
- Adjustable strap that gives Envitote the versatility to be used with a shoulder strap, as a basket, or carrying it using the side handles - three bags in one.
-The bag collapses flat for convenient storage.
-Envitote is also washable, making it sanitary.
-The versatility and durability of Envitote allow it to serve a multitude of purposes.
List price $40
On sale for $22 with FREE Envipal ($8 value)

No more wasted money on crushed bread, buns or eggs as the Envitote will not collapse in on itself.  The Envitote  is a washable,  truly unique Eco-saving solution for your shopping needs.  Plus, if you have a bad back like I do, you will love the ease of carrying these sturdy bags by the convenient handles.  It was actually designed with  folks with bad backs in mind as one of the designers has had back surgery like me!

I also love the lead-free Envipal which is the most Eco-friendly lunch pack/insulated carrier on the market.  It is really the perfect size for lunch or for carrying a few frozen items from the supermarket. If you haven't discovered how much money you can save on packing lunch instead of buying take-out, pick up an Envipal and start packin'. 
Envipal - Lead-free design prevents the environmentally hazardous lead from entering landfills when discarded. $8 value

I really admire the two Houston based friends, Stephanie Collins and Tana Collins who started the business in 2009  out of a true desire to provide products that allow individuals to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.  Stephanie and Tana really want to affect a positive change in consumer attitudes and the environment by providing Eco-friendly products.  I thank them both for creating three products that create a positive impact on our planet and our pocketbook. At a price that is compatible with most household budgets,  Envicorp's Envitote and free Envipal will give you a great, green return on investment...a no cost Envipal and the knowledge that you are a part of creating positive change for a healthier world.

 No questions asked

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*Limited Supply!!

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