How to Get a Safe and Sexy Eco-Pout that Lasts. I Love these Non-Toxic, Paraben and Lead Free, Healthy Lip Stain & Gloss Color Duos from Terra Firma!

"I feel that a woman should have a safer choice in healthy beauty care products.".-Meri Yardley, Co-Owner Terra Firma Cosmetics
I have known Meri with Terra Firma Cosmetics for over a year.  I  love some of their products and today I want to share one of my all time favorites in their healthy lip gloss and lip stain duo that I love and use.

Terra Firma is one of my favorite green suppliers.  The Co-founders, Dori and Meri, are passionate about creating beauty products that are safe and non-toxic but which still help us to look and feel great. I know I feel great using their products and I feel great giving them to my 13 year old too. 

With the lip stain from the duo sets below, you will get a long lasting lip color that's natural and healthy. Natural vegetable and fruit colorants create a sexy pout that won't bleed, fade, or transfer. When you put it on, you will feel your lips tingle and slightly plump as the natural ingredients work together to create lasting color. It smells pepperminty and I really feel good knowing these are 88% Organic, free of parabens and free of potentially carcinogenic and toxic ingredients such as Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, Petroleum and other harmful preservatives and additives.

You will also get a sheer gloss that creates super shiny lips while using only safe, natural and healthy ingredients. You guys do know that some of the most fabulous lip products out there are also the most toxic right?  Well Teri and Meri, at Terra Firma Cosmetics, source the best lip products and reformulate them using healthy and effective ingredients.  This gloss is like Terra Firma's healthy version of Victoria's Secret's beauty rush lip gloss - super glossy, super hydrating, super healthy! Not thick and gooey, no bad smell and these stains and glosses actually feel great on your lips.  We really don't have to sacrifice quality and glamour to be healthy!

Pick one of the duo sets below and you can wear the gloss solo or glide it over the  Longevity Lip Stain for the ultimate natural lip color that is super shimmery and creates a super Eco-Sexy pout!  It's up to you. 
Healthy Lip Gloss Lipstick Lip Stain Duo - Gossip Girl
This evening on the red carpet we have "Vineyard" Lip Stain wearing gorgeous shades of plum from our favorite designer Terra Firma Cosmetics.  Next to her, wearing a spicier shade of plum is our POUT! Lip Gloss in "Scandalous". Best Seller and the one I ordered!!!

Terra Firma Reg price $28

Healthy Lip Stain Gloss Color Duo - Two in the pink!
Wearing pink like never before, "Pomegranate" Lip Stain strutts her stuff with "Flirtatious" Gloss,  her best friend this red carpet evening.  Imaging draping your lips in pink this way.  I've never seen such gorgeous complimenting shades on these stars before.  I can't wait to see what's next from designer Terra Firma Cosmetics and the bold new way they do "Natural"!  You go girls!!

Terra Firma Reg price $28

Healthy Lip Stain Gloss Lipstick Duo - Razzle Dazzle
Rumor has it we will be seeing a new couple on the red carpet tonight.  Here they come now!  "Rosalee" Lip Stain is stunning in a dark number designed by Terra Firma Cosmetics.  Accompanying her tonight is "Dazzle" Lip Gloss.  I can really see the dark beauty of Rosalee with a glossy layer of Dazzle shining over the top.  This promises to be an exciting night for all!
Terra Firma Reg price $28

Healthy Lip Gloss Lipstick Lip Stain Duo - Sugar & Spice
Exiting the limo at this red carpet event is a spicy couple who are both wearing warm shades of red, and coral with a hint of brown.  What a stunning couple "Ceyenne" Lip Stain and "Alluring" Lip Gloss make!  A perfect choice  for blondes!
Terra Firma Reg price $28

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