Still Recovering from the BlogWorld Expo in Not so Green Las Vegas

My girlies dropped me off at OIA on Thursday afternoon for a weekend of non-stop...
Lordy I cannot believe how tired I am after my weekend at the BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas.  You might remember,  I wondered if I would crash, but (obviously) I was perfectly safe and even feel I have conquered my fear of flying.  Yea!  Southwest Airlines was totally great and their green efforts were evident.  I loved it when I landed in Vegas and the pilot made sure to tell all of the passengers to give their trash to the attendants as Southwest recycles. 

It was such a great trip and I met so many wonderful people. From getting hints and tips from the folks at Google/Blogger to meeting with the Senior VP of Communications at TLC, the time I spent in Vegas was invaluable.  More on the TLC project later.

The best roomie ever!  Bailey from Make Over Momma.
I have a stack of business cards 3 inches high and I want to reach out to each and every one of them.  That will be a process though.

Vegas was awake all night and I never seemed to stop partying!
Apparently it is also a process to move Las Vegas from the wild and crazy partying town to a wild and crazy green town.  I only saw one sign (literally) of green living in the entire city. 

The airport is apparently starting to recycle which is fab!
I am not bashing, it was just surprising to me.  I was also surprised that I never gambled once.  Well that is not entirely true.  I did try once but couldn't figure out how to do it and just ended up with a coupon or something for $1.

Truly it was a great conference and I was thrilled to meet more of my friends from OpenSky and the Collective Bias crew.  Still, when I came home on Sunday and saw my girls and I was welcomed with their adorable little sign...

I was more than happy to be back at home.  Dorothy was right when she said there was no place like home.

I am curious about your travels.  Have you visited anywhere that was totally green or absent of green like Vegas?

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