Pick up the Bag of Many Colors from Green Living Designer Maggie Bags and Environmental Booty!

Margaret Cho and her Maggie Bags Tote of Many Colors made from recycled seat belt material is a green celebrity fashion statement Hollywood endorsed. 
If you are like me, you love fashion and living green right? Well I have just found an absolutely indestructible Eco-bag that combines your love of our planet with your love of fashion.

When we recycle, the greenest option of all is to create something new from something that is not being used; diverting usable products from our landfills and saving the resources needed to make new and fabulous things we love and use.  So what do seat belts and Eco-fashion have in common?  My friends at Maggie Bags have created this beautiful (the quality will surprise you) Bag of Many Colors from discarded seat belt webbing and I think it is absolutely a must have...

Also comes in these colors too!
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Photo and Photo Copy: Green Celebrity 

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