From War to Peace, Live Green with Beers Not Bombs Tees and Peace Bronze Bottle Openers!

From War to Peace, Live Green with Beers Not Bombs

I love the folks at From War to Peace and, after I returned from DC this year, I shared their recycled products with you. I couldn't wait to share what they are up to now because I think you are really going to LOVE it.  If you like beer and you like peace, you are going to want to pick up one of these... 

Beers Not Bombs bottle openers are made from Peace Bronze™ which is a bronze alloy created from cabling that once powered disarmed nuclear missile systems throughout Midwest America.  The cabling is no longer sending launch signals to the deadliest weapons ever built, so From War to Peace is sending messages of peace through this very same material.  Love it and I love this shirt!!
Forrest, from Beers Not Bombs, says, "Beers Not Bombs! That's our motto around here. As a people who enjoy beer and are actively working to promote peace and social justice causes we figured 'Why not combine the two?!'"

From War to Peace is... 

As if the entire concept is not sweet enoiugh, to make it just a little sweeter, 20% Of Beers Not Bombs profits are donated to peace and social justice organizations.  Head over now and pick up one for yourself and a ton for the holidays.  They are expecting a sell out for the holidays quickly, so be sure to shop early if you plan on giving them for gifts.

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