How to Travel Green? 5 Easy Ways to Green Your Overseas Trip to Europe

Nestled in a valley wide and green, between sea and mountains,  Graine & Ficelle offers its natural, grown in the organic garden goodness, as well as educational workshops, tours of the farm, birthday parties, a bed and breakfast, cooking classes and more...all to the delight of children and their parents.
  1. Green Your Travel with a Eurail Global Pass - If you want to travel in the most eco-friendly way possible throughout 22 countries in Europe, Eurail is the way to go.
  2. Take an Organic Cooking Class in the Organic Food Capital of Europe - Germany has long been one of the largest producers, as well as one of the biggest markets, for organic food products in the world. At KETAO, in Frankfurt, Germany, the focus is on creativity, technique and taste accompanied by loads of fun and music.
  3. Make a stop in Italy, the main producer and exporter of organic wine in Europe, for a wine tasting - Stay for a few hours or linger for days at "La Spinosa".  Find the ultimate in peace and tranquility at this organic winery as you are encouraged to kind of "shut down" in what is known as the "Valley of Silence".  I could use some of that right about now.
  4. Vacation on an Organic Vegetable Farm in The French Riviera - Book a stay at an eco bed & breakfast in the Riviera with a spectacular view of the valley and the sea. Perfectly situated in the region of Vence at the foot of the Baou of St Jeannet you will find “Graine & Ficelle”.  Don't blame me if you never want to come back to the States.
  5. Reduce Your Waste - Just because you are traveling overseas, don't think it means you have to ditch your reusable water bottle!  Bring your favorite stainless steel, BPA free water bottle with you in your carry on or pack it in your luggage.  After you pass through security at the airport, you can fill your bottle and never buy a "plastic" (PET), single use water bottle while on your trip.
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