Thoughts on Love Overflowing

Thoughts on Love Overflowing
by Shane Shirley Smith

Aren't we all related? Aren't we all connected as one?
How have we let this world become, so easily undone?
People laughing at pain,
Our children learning to do the same.

People afraid to say,
"Please stop, this isn't the way."
When will we have the courage to turn toward one another?
Instead of turning our backs on our sisters and our brothers?

Can it truly be that hard,
To accept others as scarred?
The pain he feels is the same I hide,
Going through life pretending to take it all in stride.

From where will our comfort come?
Met with a heart that has become numb?
Or blessed with the light of knowing,
That our care, our love is for all overflowing?

You see love is not just about protecting our hearts,
For others are here with us, not apart.
This life is really about one thing,
Let's love each other, and see what that brings.

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