Stars Fall In Love with The Green PolkaDot Box but The Message Is...Healthy Eating Is Now Affordable for Everyone!

My favorite organic and natural foods online member savings club, The Green PolkaDot Box™ (GPDB),  gained some star powered, new fans last week.  Green stars like Penelope Ann Miller and Gil Birmingham from the Twilight movie gathered at the W Hotel, in Hollywood, CA. for an Oscar Celebration honoring the 84th Annual Academy Award Nominees and Presenters' diverse charitable causes.

The newly-launched, green living company shared their message at the star filled, charity event that healthy eating is affordable for everyone, from Hollywood stars to American families, through the Green PolkaDot Box.   For consumers nationwide, the ability of GPDB to offer their members the lowest prices, at up to a 60% discount, on organic, non-GMO, and natural foods and personal care products is truly a game changer.  You don't have to be a star, to be in this show!!

"I am very pleased with the reception we are receiving from all the celebrities in attendance at the GBK charity event honoring Academy Award Nominees,” said Rod A. Smith. “Celebrities, and American families alike, are tired of paying Whole Foods prices and are pleased to learn about our clean and organic food online membership savings club. All want to join The Green PolkaDot Box.”

The Twilight Movie's Gil Birmingham with Lead Buyer and Account Manager for the Green Polka Dot Box, Sariah Smith,  in Hollywood.  Sariah's family started the Green PolkaDot Box as a result of their efforts to eat healthier after being faced with a diet-related health issue.

The Green PolkaDot Box gifted Academy Award Nominees and presenters, as well as their causes with a one year GPDB savings membership, $75 in reward points towards product purchase, and an array of 48 organic, natural and non-GMO foods and products.

“The Green PolkaDot Box is pleased to offer our organic products to Oscar nominees who believe healthy eating should be affordable for everyone, from Hollywood stars to American families,” Sariah Smith said. “As we hold vendors to a clean food standard, we hope everyone will find The Green PolkaDot Box to be a trusted resource for the purchasing of safe, clean and delicious products for their families.”

GPDB members will also enjoy access to fresh harvested, organic produce delivered directly from organic farms through the upcoming GPDB Harvest Fresh program, Spring 2012. Affordable organic and all-natural products are now available to every household in America!
Green living Oscar stars and celebrities received 48 clean and organic food products from Eden Organics, Annie’s Home Grown, Artisana, Beanitos, Better Life, Biokleen, Bob’s Red Mill , Brittanie's Thyme, Crystal, Dream Foods, Earth Friendly, Eden Foods, Food Should Taste Good, Funky Monkey, Happy Baby, Imagine, Justin’s, Kind, Living Nutz, Minsley, Miracle Noodle, Nielsen Massey, Nutiva, Pangea, Pacific Foods, Pop Chips, Preserve, Raw One, Sensible Foods, Simple Squares, Sprout, Sukhis, Sunwarrior, Teccino, Vermont Soap, Wilderness Poets, Guayaki, Pet Guard, Go Raw, Blender Bottle, Blue Diamond, Vigilant Eats, and more.

Products will be eliminated from the offerings if it is determined they are GMO.  It has already happened so you can be sure, you are not alone in your journey to choose healthy and safe foods.

The GPDB annual membership programs include “club” and “reward” memberships, the latter enabling members to accumulate reward points which further lower their monthly grocery expenses. All memberships feature a free delivery option for all orders over $99! Learn how the GPDB referral rewards program helps consumers earn their healthy food purchases.
The products celebrities received in their GPDB recycled gift boxes represent just a small sampling of the over 15,000 healthy products available to members on the Green PolkaDot Box website.  But remember, you don't have to be a star to be in the know on this healthy, green living trend!  Learn how you can take advantage of these game changing savings on organic, healthy and non-GMO foods and products for yourself and even your pets on the GPDB site.

P.S.- Loving The Green PolkaDot Box! Recently launched with over 12,000 members and backed by not only Environmental Booty but also the Organic Consumer's Association, you can easily buy NonGMO organics at wholesale pricing online. It's like a Sam's club but focused on products for green, healthy living!! You can even shop by dietary restrictions like gluten free, vegan or diabetic.

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