Win a $125 Rewards Membership to The Green PolkaDot Box, The Nation's First Online Membership Club for Whole, Natural and Organic Foods at Up To 60% Off

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If you want to eat and cook healthy for yourself and your family but find it tough to figure out what to buy and hate the high prices of organic and natural foods, this giveaway is for you!  You can enter to win a $125 Reward Club Membership from the Green PolkaDot Box to start seeing big savings, of up to 60% off, on your food bill.  Plus, you can and earn valuable reward points that you can use to help pay for your groceries.

It's like a Sam's Club but better.  This buying club gives you the power to get your groceries, as well as products for a green, healthy living lifestyle for you, your family and your pets...all at up to 60% off. 

You can enter to win a Green PolkaDot Box $125 Reward Membership to save up to 60% on healthy foods and green living products for you, your family and your pets
Becoming a part of the Green Polka Dot Box online buying community means that you can start enjoying up to 60% off of wholesome, healthy foods and green living products that are sent right to your doorstep.  I have found that it is really easy for me and my family to eat healthy on a budget with the Green Polka Dot Box because I have found tons of new things my picky eaters love and are actually asking me for.  
Save 32% plus an additional 5% on Cheerful Cherry Organic Froose Juice

My girls are loving new and healthy finds like Cheerful Cherry Froose juice. Organic Froose Juice combines the best of organic whole grains and fruit to make a yummy alternative to juice that is naturally low in sugar and a good source of much as eating a whole piece of fruit.  This month I ordered 10 packs and they will be gone in a flash.  

Free shipping on orders over $99

You can even shop specific products for any dietary restrictions you or your family members might have like gluten free, vegan or even diabetic needs.  

The best organic, natural and non-GMO products are at the Green PolkaDot Box, including Annie’s Organic, Earth’s Best, Tom’s of Maine, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, Bob's Red Mill, Health Valley Organic, Kettle Classics, Mineral Fusion, Badger Balm, Preserve and literally hundreds of other brands, covering food, baby care, personal care (including make-up), household, pet care, dietary supplements, BPA free, non GMO seeds of all the fruits and veggies you love and much more.   

With the Green PolkaDot Box Harvest Fresh program in the testing phase now, you will be able to get fresh, non GMO, organic produce shipped to your front door within 24-48 hours of up to 70% off!  How easy is that?  After the current testing phase with 100 GPDB members is completed, the Harvest Fresh program will be available to all members living within two days FED EX delivery from Exeter, California, where the GPDB certified organic facility is located.


PLUS...a wide variety of frozen and refrigerated lines of meats, prepared meals, dairy and fish will be added by June!

I love shopping online for groceries to save time and headaches.  It is easy, quick and no more fights with the kids at the market over what to toss in the cart!  Now Momma's in charge!

Oh and did I mention that Green PolkaDot Club membership means getting free food too?  Periodically there are offers to try new items the Green PolkaDot Box is considering offering.  I really love being a part of this green living community of like minded people and getting perks too.

So get going now and enter now to win your free $125 Reward Membership from the Green Polka Dot Box so you can join us!!

Good Luck!

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