Dutch Company Pal-V Creates Flying Car of My Dreams! The Future of Transportation is Here but Just How Green is this Flying Machine?

The Dutch government is already preparing for the Pal-V One

When I was a child, the one thing I wanted to do more than anything was fly.  You know, like a bird.  Now I have issues with flying and certainly do not enjoy it.  Still, I have a very vivid dream life and a recurring dream that I experience, aside from some pretty amazing dreams that rival E.L. James' Fifty Shades series - but that's another post, is that I am flying in a car.  I also go into the ocean in a car in my dreams and float around but the flying bird dream just got pretty real.

Meet the Pal-V One, the flying car of my dreams...the future of transportation is here but just how green is this flying machine?

Pal-V One unfolded
"Fly-drive to an island, soar over that traffic jam, sail above water, create your own virtual bridge, cross that mountain range as freely as a bird. Ultimate freedom is now available for you. Go wherever you want to go whenever you feel like it and… fully enjoy what the PAL-V ONE offers!" - Pal-V One
Pal-V One gets you out of traffic.  But what happens when we all have one? Where will the traffic be then?

Believe it or not, this flying car, price still unknown, will be available for purchase in 2014 and you can be a part of creating the magic.  Dutch company, Pal-V is looking for investors.

My questions is,  just how green is this bird anyway?  After searching the Pal-V One flying car site for about 15 minutes, I was unable to find anything on sustainability or info on how green the flying car is.  What I did find was the specs below which show this flying car gets 28 miles per gallon.  This is much more than I would have thought. 

Specs for the Pal-V One
I have e-mailed Pal-V and asked them directly just how green this flying machine really is.  I will keep you posted.

Source: Pal-V, Eco Mobility TV Pal-V, the flying car of the future! 
Photo Source: Check out this link to Pal-V for more images

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