The Business Case for Transparency in Media, Relationship Building and Products

How Transparent is Your Business?

It always amazes me that in this day of transparency and relationship building online through social media, that brands and businesses are still not getting the message that consumers want transparency.

Tell me if this sounds like a familiar approach you have gotten from some brands online..."Look at me, like my fan page, we are the best, the only, the greatest the end all and the only widget you need.  You better buy my products before you know who we are or what we stand for and do it NOW, NOW NOW!!"

When you get that approach online from brands, don't you just want to say, "Um, seriously, back off, you are creeping me out."?

It is just not trustworthy.

Just as in the real world (or IRL), life online has a way of rooting out the liars and guess what, folks don't like them so much right?  So it follows that the great businesses rely on the truth and transparency as their beacons in media relations and those are the brands that will live the test of time, thrive and succeed.  Consumers like, relate to and know they can trust honesty and transparency in businesses and they will feel comfortable buying from you when they need your product.  It really is quite simple. 

Profit Comes After  Relationship Building, Transparency, and Trust

I have worked with many brands consulting on their social media marketing and the thing that I sometimes have a hard time getting across to a few of the slow adapters is this, your bottom line should be just that, at the bottom of your thought process when it comes to building relationships.

If you own a business and feel like that kind of thinking is the antitheses to a good business plan, it's time to wake up.  Consumers today are savvy and if you are able to garner their interest for more than a mere 30-45 seconds online, you better have something to say that resonates with them and it better be more than buy my widget.

And once you do have a prospect's attention, have garnered their trust and they actually give a hoot about what you have to offer, you better be just as transparent about the safety of your products, as you are about your relationship building efforts. 

Thus The Case For Safer Chemicals Makes Sense to the Smart Guys On The Block

But can that needed transparency in products always be achieved in today's Made in America market under current legislation which allows more than 80,000 chemicals in our toys, food containers, household furnishings, computers, and more which have never been fully assessed for toxic impacts on human health and the environment?

In fact, instead of requiring chemical manufacturers to demonstrate that their products are safe before they go into consumer goods and foods, the current US law says the government has to prove actual harm in order to control or replace a dangerous chemical. 

This current legislation even makes it difficult for businesses to find the information they need to identify which chemicals are safe and unsafe for manufacturing in their products.  Today, more thn ever, smart business owners and leaders are ready for needed transparency for success through the passage of the Safe Chemicals Act.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Smart Businesses Support Product Transparency Through The Safe Chemicals Act
  1. Increased trust among consumers, employees, communities, and investors, leading to a more positive business environment in the US as well as worldwide.
  2. Lower expenses from chemically induced employee illness and enhanced productivity from improved employee health.
  3. Awareness of the presence of chemicals of high concern in products they manufacture or sell, and a resulting, safer product for consumers worldwide from greener innovation.
  4. Improved transparency and communication throughout the supply chain, leading to increased confidence for downstream users, reduced risks from supply chain interruptions and reduced liability concerns.
  5. Expanded markets for greener and safer products worldwide.
We're Not Talking Rocket Science and We're Not Talking Bad for Business 

This isn't difficult to understand is it?  It's the transparency that will pay off in the end for the bottom line and smart businesses are on board with that way of thinking.  Are you and your business?

Both businesses and consumers can offer their support and find more information on the case for transparency in business through the Safe Chemicals Act, at

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Source: Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families 
Photo Source: Mitrano 


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