8 Marketing Tips to Prep Your Biz for ASTRONOMICAL 2021 Sales - Prioritize Your Local SEO

How Can You Be a Genius in Local SEO? First, What Is SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for "search engine optimization".  Search engine optimization is essentially the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic "search engine results pages" or SERP.

It is key for every business, including yours, to improve their SEO in a number of ways. 

For example, increasing the quality of content is one important aspect of SEO as are many other white hat tricks of the trade. 

But if your business relies on consumers finding you locally, you need local SEO. 

Clearly we think one of the biggest tips we have given so far in our end-of-the-year series "8 Marketing Tips to Prep Your Biz for Astronomical 2021 Sales" is to...prioritize your local SEO!

Why Is Prioritizing Your Local SEO Important

It is already difficult enough to remain relevant in your industry, right?

But adding to the normal challenges of business in a good year, in this ever changing world, companies are being forced out of business each day. 

Now it is even more important than ever before (and it was imperative before), to not only watch how your business is showing in searches, but to work to control it.

Local SEO can literally be the difference between staying in business and going out of business. 

Additionally, if your business isn't a huge national brand, people might not be shopping or working with you, simply because they don't know you're open and able to help them.

One way to make sure your business isn't being overshadowed by the big established national brands during these trying times is by prioritizing at your local SEO. 

Local SEO helps to guarantee your business or brand will be at the top of SERP as a result of your geographical location. 

For example, when you search for a coffee shop in your city, the shops that pop up don't just show up by chance. They show up because of an SEO strategy optimized for local search results to make sure they have a spot at the top of the lineup of optional businesses. 

There are a many more reasons why you should prioritize your local SEO. Like the fact that consumer behaviors are constantly changing and it is important for your business to accommodate those ever changing buying and researching behaviors.

More great reasons to take the time to prioritize your local SEO are the improvements in rankings, increased conversions, and (a personal favorite of mine) a path to mobile traffic. 

When it comes to mobile traffic, there are numerous apps that are used for maps and navigation that people are now using to search for businesses nearby. Prioritizing your local SEO helps guarantees your business a top spot in the results and gives you a head start on garnering that traffic! 

It is time for your business to get away from conventional, or worse yet black hat, SEO tactics that arent helping you this far. 

Do you even have a local SEO strategy for your business? 

Your business doesn't stand a chance against the huge national brands, or even locally established competitors, without a local SEO strategy.

What Does Local SEO Mean for My ROI?

When the proper local SEO tools and tactics are utilized to their full potential, peak ROI is achievable. 

This peak ROI is possible because of an increase in leads and customers because of your push to the top of search results.

How Can MY Business Benefit From Prioritizing Local SEO?

There are many little things you can do to help your business grow locally such as simply claiming your Google page that are simple and quick. But realistically it is not a simple task to take on yourself unless that is your main priority and time and quality aren't an issue. 

Your best bet is to take advantage of our limited time offer for a FREE digital marketing audit valued at $2500. 

For the COVID marketing relief your business needs to survive, contact Shane Shirley Media (SSM) today and ask for a FREE digital marketing audit

Let's find out how well your business or brand's local SEO is performing at this critical moment in time and our team will make recommendations on how best you can move forward in 2021. 

Our team has already helped BIG brands like COX Media, LPGA, and American Express, now it's time for businesses like yours that really matter to get the relief they need. 

Guest Post by Reece Smith, EVP SSM 

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