How To Get the C-Suite To Buy Into Social Media and Blogging


Here's How to Get Executive Team to Buy Into Social Media and Blogging

Time and time again we see C-Suite level executives not thinking long-term when it comes to marketing. They usually lack not only the foresight but also the skillset when it comes to marketing, let alone digital marketing, and content marketing. 

So historically, the C-suite has not wanted to put forth the funds and effort needed to earn valuable first-page Google rankings, increase targeted web traffic, and ultimately create relationships that drive business.

Many executives tend to think online success (that every business needs these days) can happen with an intern and zero budget. We can help you set them straight. 

Because the really simple answer to digital success is social media and blogging (content marketing). But you probably already know that the trick is convincing the high-up executives it's worth it.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, blogging and social posting are incredibly effective and effortless ways to boost your website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ultimately increase targeted traffic and sales for your business. 

Here's how to explain content marketing to your C-Suite executives and convince them it's time to invest.

First...Tell Them What Content Marketing Is

Content marketing is an extremely important part of any marketing strategy because of the many ways your businesses can benefit. 

According to The Content Marketing Institute, "Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience - and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action." 

The proof is in the facts with huge companies like Microsoft, John Deere, The Knot, and more utilizing content marketing every day. 

A very important part of content marketing is blogging! If done correctly and taken seriously, the constant updates of blog posts and helpful information help keep your audience interested and growing.

But one thing many C-Suite level executives forget is that it also helps boost SEO too.

How To Get Your Boss To Buy Into Social Media and Blogging 

Sometimes creating an entire content marketing strategy is just way too much work and expense, seriously! 

It takes lots of time, effort, and money to find the people to create content that will draw prospects to your blog while also delivering what Google likes to see in SEO in an abundance of articles each day, and then posting it all on social media (valuable link building for SEO with bookmarking).  

Convincing the C-suite to invest in all of it is a whole different monster of a task too. 

We suggest approaching your boss with the easy option of using a social posting and blogging tool

When using our proprietary marketing software as a service (SaaS) you get five blog posts chosen specifically for your SEO requirements delivered to your website, and five resulting social media posts (automatically posted) five days a week to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

That means you get twenty-five blog posts and 75 social posts each week and all of this without lifting a finger! 

The Benefits of Blogging and Social Posting are Endless

The benefits of using a blogging and social posting tool like the proprietary software we offer are endless. But for many large corporations, the biggest benefit of them all...and easiest selling point is numbers your executives can understand. 

In 2020 our proprietary tool helped Urology of Virginia reach over One million website visitors and your business could be next! 

We know if you are reading this post you see the value of social media and blogging already! But we would love to help you prep for your conversation with the big wigs at your company. 

Click the image below to fill out a form to set up a time as early as tomorrow to chat with our president, Shane Shirley! 

Guest Post by Reece Smith

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