We're In The Business of Building Businesses: Meet Nefty Guzman - Digital Marketing Strategist

After the last year and a half of countless shutdowns and restrictions, resulting in businesses closing their doors permanently, it has been hard for many entrepreneurs, managers, and marketers to see their next move. 

At Shane Shirley Media, we help build businesses back better than pre-Covid 19 through digital marketing

In order to help even more businesses, we decided it was time to add a new team member to our SSM fam. 

The search was on for the right person that could help us help the countless businesses struggling after 2020 as well as those that are experiencing tremendous growth. 

Luckily we met Nefty Guzman and soon you should connect with her on LinkedIn for marketing tips and tricks

Meet Nefty Guzman- Digital Marketing Strategist 

Nefty Guzman is a rare find. She is not only smart, funny and interesting, she is also principled. 

Nefty believes in promoting services and products that help businesses and individuals grow towards success and reach their full potential. In addition to her current position, Nefty has held roles previously in which she has constantly hit high sales numbers and broken records. 

She even managed her own sales team! 

Her clients LOVE her! 

Did You Say Challenge? She's Ready

She enjoys the challenge of working in a fast-paced environment and reaching new goals. She is a recent graduate of the University of Florida and is from Miami, Florida. 

She currently resides in North Central Florida with her dog and enjoys reading and traveling in her free time. Along with one of her Bachelors in Classical Studies, she really enjoys learning about history and different cultures. 

As our Digital Marketing Strategist, Nefty is a great addition to our sales team with her passion for helping businesses thrive. With her knowledge of our four proprietary SaaS as well as digital marketing, and serving customers well, she is more than capable to help businesses strategize their next moves. 

We are excited to have Nefty join our SSM fam and really enjoy having her on our team. She brings a drive and work ethic that is sometimes hard to find these days. We are lucky to have such an asset and so are our clients.  

We look forward to helping grow many businesses together in the future!  

Guest Post by Reece Smith

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