Build-A-Bear Workshop Goes Green and Heads to the Farmer's Market

Too cute and the reusable tote is a great way to get kids involved in living green!
“Our products adhere to the highest standards of toy safety and will never be made in factories employing underage child labor.” - Build-A- Bear Website

Okay so my daughters LOVE Build-A-Bear.  And I don't want to embarrass anyone, but I also know a certain teenager - who shall remain nameless -  who was a pretty good sport about building a bear at his sister's birthday party.

There is something about Build-A-Bear that brings out the kid in us

So since my kids like Build-A-Bear so much, I get their updates, coupons and newsletter sent right to my inbox.  Last week I got an email from Build-A-Bear that tickled my eco-funny bone and I had to share the green giggle.   Apparently, Build-A-Bear is going green and heading to the Farmer's Market with an adorable line of characters like Cow the Farmer, Red Gingham Lil' Bunny Big Ears and Pink Darling Pig.

Plus, Build-A-Bear is giving away a reusable farmer's market tote with any purchase over $20 (which is easy to do in Build-A-Bear) AND you can pick up the same Mini Farmer's Market Tote for just $2 for your animal!  Can you imagine how adorable your little one would be heading to your local farmer's market with their farmer's market tote and their Red Gingham Lil' Bunny Big Ears with her mini tote?

I think Build-A-Bear deserves an eco-friendly pat on the back for bringing green living to the kiddos and their families.  I hope that this new line catches on and plants the seed of green living fun in the lives of our future generations.

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